Moles are most frequently found in and around rural, wooded areas, where they live and are a common nuisance in those locations.

Moles and voles destroy plant roots by burrowing underneath the turf in search of insects, on which they feed. One popular myth proclaims that “grubs are the moles food; get rid of the grubs and the moles will disappear”. Mole WormUnfortunately, this is not accurate. While moles do feed on white grubs, they also devour several other sub-soil critters; earth worms, for example. So, killing grubs, while it can be helpful, is not a complete solution to mole problems.

Mole traps are readily available, as are mole poisons. Both are notorious for NOT working very well. Exterminators can be hired to set and monitor traps and, while some moles will be eventually killed, more may soon appear, making this an expensive and less than perfect solution.

 Most homeowners have learned to live with moles. Practically speaking, if you spot mole runs in the lawn, “walking them down” before the soil hardens will allow grass plants to re-root and recover and can discourage moles, sending them off in another direction; perhaps the neighbor’s lawn!

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